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    • Merchant, Michael E.; Mott, Dale (2006-10-17)
      Chinch bugs can be extremely damaging to home lawns. Their feeding causes small yellow or brown areas in lawns. Chinch bugs can usually be seen on careful inspection of the soil surface. Insecticides provide effective control.
    • Earwigs 
      Mott, Dale; Jackman, John A. (2004-08-06)
      Earwigs are abundant throughout Texas and can be a nuisance when they invade homes or damage plants. This publication explains the biology and habits of earwigs and offers three ways to control them: sanitation, mechanical ...
    • Knutson, Allen E.; Ree, Bill; Ong, Kevin; Mott, Dale; Kamas, Jim (2005-05-17)
      To deal with insect and disease problems on peaches, plums and pecans, it is necessary to understand the life cycles of pests and diseases. Pesticide safety instructions and spray equipment also are discussed, and spray ...
    • Mott, Dale; Merchant, Michael E. (2005-02-21)
      Several insect and mite pests attack lantana and verbena, which are perennial ornamental plants found in many Texas landscapes. This publication describes the most common pests and explains how to manage them.
    • Merchant, Michael E.; Biles, Stephen; Mott, Dale (2004-06-24)
      White grubs are the larval stage of insects commonly known as May or June beetles. A few species commonly damage turfgrass and other cultivated plants. This publication includes biological and management information.