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During their second year, MPSA students participate in two semesters of capstone research courses. These courses allow students to tackle a problem or project in the real world, often working in conjunction with a government agency or nonprofit organization. Designed to test the knowledge and abilities students have developed through their previous classes and experiences, capstones necessitate strong teamwork, careful research, writing ability, and often a large amount of ingenuity in identifying ways to approach an issue or find a solution.

Recent Submissions

  • Improving health conditions in conflict-affected Liberia: A community-based approach 

    Achgill, Dustin; Geray, Jacob; El Hachimi, Hafid; Jadhav, Vaibhavi; Mullins, Emily; Reddy, Himani; Sparks, Trey; Valdez-Vivas, Natalia; Walker, Erik; Ali, Nida; Beaugh, Kristina; Caldwell, Megan; Darkhalil, Ahmad; Gray, Cole; Hirase, Takashi; Mahmoud, Noor; Mueller, Brendan; Poland, Bill; Stewart, Chelsea (2015-06-03)
    Many countries receiving development assistance are in the midst of economic transitions and will become increasingly able to fund their own response. However, transitions to country owned, managed and eventually financed ...
  • Envisioning a Bright Future for New Braunfels Children: A Community-Based Approach to School Readiness 

    Fanomezantsoa, Herilala; Hopkins, Elizabeth; Tooley, Kathryn (2015-05-20)
    This report provides an overview of a qualitative, participatory study conducted by a capstone team from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. The McKenna Foundation of New Braunfels, ...
  • Social Service Availability & Proximity And The Over-Representation Of Minority Children in Child Welfare 

    Bathman, Jake; Foster, David; Ingels, Laura; Lee, Chongmyoung; Miramontes, Claudia; Youngblood, Jo (2010)
    The capstone group assessed whether child welfare services were available and proximal in predominantly low income, black areas with high foster care rates in three southern cities. GIS mapping of services contained in a ...
  • Integrated Risk Management at the Local Level: The Gap between Theory and Practice 

    An, Seung-Ho; Carchidi, Arielle; Johnson, Eric; Lester, Sean; Liversidge, Jeremy; Mathis, Lindsey; Vannerson, Andrew (2014)
  • Dallas Challenge Final Report 

    Medina, Gabriella; Leichtle, Stephanie; Garraway, Charlotte (2015-05-20)
    The project is an analysis of Dallas Challenge’s current image through a stakeholder assessment. Following the assessment, we will provide strategies and tactics that Dallas Challenge can incorporate in order to successfully ...
  • An Analysis of the Nonprofit and Volunteer Capacity-Building Industries in Central Texas 

    Aldape, Nichole; Barker, Carolyn; Beekley, Taja; Brown, Angela Faye; Brown, Erin; Cross, Staci; Ekwurzel, Erica; Garner, Lindsey; Hart, Alison; Jones, Alexis; Juckett, Karen; Kennedy, Chris; Larson, Esther; Lee, Grace; Nedderman, Leah; Pesti, Ilona; Schwartz, Michele; Shaw, Joseph; Sigler, Rodney; Sinatra, Christine; Teleki, Katherine; Terrazas, Erica; Wagner, Elizabeth (2006)
    Recent research has identified explosive growth in the nonprofit sector and an increased interest in evaluating and improving nonprofit performance through organizational capacity building. The growing emphasis on ...
  • "Mapping" Nonprofit Infrastructure Organizations in Texas 

    Aho, Andrea; Harris, Amanda; Kessel, Kendall; Park, Jongsoo; Park, Jong Taek; Rios, Lisa; Swendig, Brett (2010)
    The stability of the nonprofit sector and its ability to meet our nation‘s needs in an era of unprecedented challenges requires a solid nonprofit infrastructure (Brown, et al., 2008). These organizations that comprise this ...
  • A Study of Dual Credit Access and Effectiveness in the State of Texas 

    Appleby, James; Ashton, Kyle; Ferrell, James; Gesing, Emily; Jackson, Sarah; Lindner, Travis; Mata, Silvester; Shelnutt, Andrew; Wu, Yisha (2011)
    In 2010, with the support of the Greater Texas Foundation (GTF), the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University initiated a study of dual credit opportunities in the state of Texas. Through a ...
  • Mapping the Nonprofit Infrastructure: A Comparison of Capacity Building and Related Resources in Texas and Beyond 

    Cho, Yusun; Gongora, Victor; Haymond, Annie; Jauer, Joyce; Nash, EddieMae; Neal, Emily; Rogers, Julie; Yun, Chang (2011)
  • Immigration Reform: Policies and Implementation - An Evaluation of American Immigration Policy and Recommended Changes 

    Buck, Caitlin; Cravatt, Cody; Fagin, Paul; Finney, Angela; Gomes, Rafael; Shan, Sandy; Skarboe, Bjorne; Sarmiento Quezada, Brenda; Wagner, Jason (2010)
    Americans are dissatisfied with their immigration system and are seeking changes. However, additional demands and expectations will be placed on those organizations that have to enforce and implement these changes. How ...
  • Development in Rural Texas: An Assessment of TEEX Economic Development Reports 

    Calcaneo, Edgar Adrian; Cripe, Ramsey; Davis, Taylor; Gonzalez, Ramon; Grimes, Joshua; Hemby, Olivia; Humphrey, Colby; Keppy, Paul; Surgenor, Ken (2012)
    The Development in Rural Texas report provides an evaluation and assessment of economic development recommendations made by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). Due to the nature of its work, TEEX seldom has ...
  • Not All Cavities Are Treated Equal: Increasing Access to Preventive Dental Care in Texas 

    Andrews, Sarah; Barrett, Elizabeth; Beonigk, Rachel; Broughton, Whitney; Cifuentes-Soto, Mauricio; Hill, Jenny; Louder, Nathan; Nwanze, Chukwudebe; Wang, Yefeng (Caryl) (2012)
    The purpose of this report is to examine oral health care for children in Texas. United Ways of Texas is concerned with the disproportionate levels of access that low-income children face. This research team was charged ...
  • A Texan's Guide to the Past, Present, and Future of the Economic Stabilization Fund Report 

    Burton, Andrew; Bernhard, Corey; Graham, Andrew; Hickman, Nathaniel; James, Brendin; Titford, Megan; Trevino, Fernando (2013)
    In November 1988, Texans approved the creation of the state's Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF). Designed to help the state weather the storms of economic strife, budget shortfalls, and unexpected catastrophes, the Fund ...
  • Does Developmental Education Meet Student Needs? 

    Bobo, Andrew; Duncan, Cherrelle; Goodman, Cameron; Harris, Jennifer; Jarvis, Staci; Kombos, Thanasis; McDaniel, Torey; Prescott, Jena Overall; Rapini, Sarina; Shafer, Jye; King, Silvia; Zhang, Helen (2013)
    Many students graduating from Texas high schools, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are underprepared for the rigor of college coursework, and they need extra help. Institutions of higher learning across the ...
  • Teenage Pregnancy: The Case for Prevention and Increased Quality of Life in Waco, Texas 

    Bitter, Eliza; Fickes, Sarah; Mijangos, Eliana; Yun, Rujun; Zhang, Bo (2013)
    In 2011, Texas was ranked 5th in the nation for total teen births rates amongst females, ages 15-19 (Department of Health and Human Resources 2011). Compared to the national average in the United States of 31.3 per one ...
  • Postsecondary Completion in Rural Texas: A Statewide Overview 

    Chen, Shuyu; Hall, Taylor R.; Jackson, Candace A.; Liu, Xiaodan; Morin, Zach; Sargent, Orsi T.; Steere, Vladislav S. (2014)
    Educate Texas, our client, is a partner and key player in postsecondary education in Texas. The nonprofit seeks to improve postsecondary completion statewide. Under their mission, our capstone was charged with assessing ...
  • Water Use in the Eagle Ford Shale: An Economic and Policy Analysis of Water Supply and Demand 

    Arnett, Benton; Healy, Kevin; Jiang, Zhongnan; LeClere, David; McLaughlin, Leslie; Roberts, Joey; Steadman, Maxwell (2014)
    The Eagle Ford Shale is a massive geologic formation located in South Texas spanning 30 Texas counties from Brazos County in the north east to Webb County in the southwest . With the advent of hydraulic fracturing ...
  • The Brazos Valley Council of Governments Service Integration Report 2013-2014 

    Bakhtadze, Revaz; Ellison, Joel; Jumde, Anushree; Lee, Lexi; McCarty, Jordan; Pate, Aaron; See, Alexander; Xing, Ying (2014)
    This report examines human service integration effo rts of the Brazos Valley Council of Governments and what regulations stand in the way o f full integration. Along with the findings from the Brazos Valley Council of ...
  • The Regional Impact of Climate Change on Public Infrastructure and Decision Making 

    Bjune, Stephen; Briscoe, H. Dorrell; Cruickshanks, Brian; McElroy, Amy; Nickeson, Daniel; Richardson, Adam; Schmid, Matt; Wang, Fangfang "Jessie" (2009)
  • National Preparedness Goal, Execution, and Performance 

    Alexander, Michael; Carrington, Clement; Erxleben, Whitney; Garcia, Edgar; Grandstaff, Kathryn; Meehan, Elisabeth; Morales, Lyndsey; Nyquist, David; Taylor, Lindsay (2009)

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