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    • Anionic Salt Programs for Close-Up Dry Cows 

      Stokes, Sandra R. (1998-12-17)
      Dairy farmers can improve long-term milk production by having a well-managed program for dry cows during the last 3 weeks before calving. This publication explains how an anionic salt program can help control subclinical ...
    • Assisting Difficult Calving 

      Faries Jr., Floron C. (2006-12-20)
      Calving difficulty is frequently caused by disproportionate size--the calf is too big for the birth canal. This publication discusses the stages of labor, how to assist in delivery and what to do after the delivery of a calf.
    • Biosecurity Practices for Dairy Operations 

      Jordan, Ellen R.; Dement, Angela; Faries Jr., Floron C. (2008-10-06)
      This publication explains how diseases are transmitted and how dairy producers can establish prevention programs with proper biosecurity practices. Tables list common diseases of dairy cattle and ways they are treated.
    • Bioterrorism Preparedness--Anthrax 

      Lawhorn, D. Bruce (2002-04-24)
      This publication explains how people can prepare for a terrorist attack that uses anthrax. It discusses the reasons anthrax might be used in a bioterrorist attack and lists symptoms of anthrax infection in people and signs ...
    • Bovine Paratuberculosis of Beef Cattle 

      Faries Jr., Floron C.; Roussel, Allen J.; Thrift, Todd A.; Gill, Ronald J.; Magee, Derry D. (2002-02-05)
      Paratuberculosis, or Johne's (pronounced "Yo-nees) disease, is a chronic intestinal infection of cattle. It is increasingly recognized in both dairy and beef herds. This publication discusses transmission of the bacteria ...
    • Bovine Paratuberculosis of Dairy Cattle 

      Faries Jr., Floron C.; Jordan, Ellen R.; Stokes, Sandra R.; Magee, Derry D.; Roussel, Allen J. (1999-03-11)
      Paratuberculosis, or Johne's (pronounced "Yo-nees) disease, is a chronic intestinal infection of cattle. It is increasingly recognized in both dairy and beef herds. This publication discusses transmission of the bacteria, ...
    • Breeding Soundness of Bulls 

      Sprott, L. R.; Thrift, Todd A.; Carpenter, Bruce B. (1998-10-09)
      The breeding ability and genetic makeup of the bull are critical to any breeding program. This leaflet explains the function of each organ in the bull's reproductive system, the evaluation of a bull's breeding soundness, ...
    • Cattle Vaccines 

      Faries Jr., Floron C. (2005-11-11)
      Vaccines deliver antigens that stimulate the body's production of antibodies in response to disease. Cattle can be vaccinated with noninfectious or infectious vaccines. The types of vaccine products, proper handling of ...
    • Common Cattle Parasites 

      Faries Jr., Floron C. (2005-11-11)
      This publication discusses common internal and external parasites in cattle: hairworms, lung worms, liver flukes, coccidia, horn flies, lice and grubs. Preventive and treatment methods are also covered.
    • Controlling Brown Stomach Worms in Cattle by Management 

      Faries Jr., Floron C. (2002-02-05)
      Proper diet and pasture management can control brown stomach worms in cattle without the use of deworming drugs. This publication explains how the combination works.
    • Cooling Dry Cows 

      Stokes, Sandra R. (2000-07-17)
      This publication discusses the effects of heat stress on dairy cows, methods of cooling cows, and research on the effects of cooling cows in the dry period.
    • Dairy Biomass as a Renewable Fuel Source 

      Mukhtar, Saqib; Goodrich, Barry; Engler, Cady; Capareda, Sergio (2008-03-19)
      As the cost of fuel increases, so does the cost of operating motor vehicles and heating buildings. Researchers are investigating new sources of cleaner, cheaper, more environmentally friendly fuels. One possibility is ...
    • Dairy Outreach Program Training and Continuing Education Program 

      Mukhtar, Saqib (1999-10-30)
      This publication describes the training and continuing education required for those who own or operate concentrated animal feeding operations in Texas.
    • Determining Pregnancy in Cattle 

      Beverly, John R.; Sprott, L. R.; Carpenter, Bruce B. (2008-12-16)
      The process of palpating to determine pregnancy in cattle and the equipment used during palpation are described and illustrated in this bulletin. The female reproductive system is discussed, along with the developmental ...
    • Feeding the Transition Dairy Cow 

      Stokes, Sandra R. (1999-09-20)
      Proper nutrition management during a cow's transition period (from the last 3 weeks of gestation through the first 2 weeks of lactation), is critical to successful lactation. This publication gives details for nutrition ...
    • Feeding Waste Milk to Dairy Calves 

      Stokes, Sandra R.; Looper, Mike; Waldner, Dan; Jordan, Ellen R. (2002-02-14)
      This publication lists precautions producers should take when feeding waste milk to dairy calves and offers usage guidelines.
    • Freestall Facilities in Central Texas 

      Stokes, Sandra R.; Gamroth, Mike (1999-06-04)
      Dairy producers in Central Texas will find this information useful in evaluating freestall dairy facilities. Other topics to be considered in evaluating a change in facilities include moisture deficits for the area, labor ...
    • Hedging Milk with BFP Futures and Options 

      Anderson, David P.; McCorkle, Dean; Schwart Jr., Robert B.; Jones, Rodney (1999-06-23)
      Basic Formula Price (BFP) milk futures and options can be used to hedge, or lock in, milk prices in order to manage milk price fluctuations. This publication offers information on futures contracts, basis, cash settlement ...
    • Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis 

      Sprott, L. R. (1998-11-30)
      Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) is a complex of disease syndromes occuring throughout the United States and the other major cattle-producing areas of the world. It affects cattle and some wild ruminants. This ...
    • Integrated Pest Management of Flies in Texas Dairies 

      Stevenson, Douglas; Cocke, Jesse (2000-01-11)
      This publication identifies and gives management strategies for various species of flies infesting Texas dairies, including houseflies, stable flies, horn flies, garbage flies and blow flies.