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    • Digital Design and Fabrication Techniques Using a 3-Axis CNC Mill 

      Coffman, Ky (2010-07-14)
      The objective of my research involves an investigation of the relationship between design and production through a case study fabrication project which utilize digital design software and manufacturing technologies, to ...
    • Phasing Loops 

      Guinski, Rodrigo 1980- (2012-11-30)
      This work consists of a set of eight vector graphics animations exploring phasing loops, intended to be displayed on televisions and monitors, for home use or exhibition in art galleries as Generative Cinema installations. ...
    • Tile Drainage 

      Leidigh, A.H.; Gee, E.C. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1916)
    • Video Installation Design: Appropriation and Assemblage As Projection Surface Geometry 

      Weaver, Timothy A. (2010-07-14)
      This area of research focuses on the use of video projections in the context of fine art. Emphasis is placed on creating a unique video installation work that incorporates assemblage and appropriation as a means to develop ...