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    • Medium Effects on Subthreshold Kaon Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions 

      Fang, X. S.; Ko, Che Ming; LI, GQ; Zheng, Y. M. (American Physical Society, 1994)
      The relativistic transport model is extended to include the kaon degree of freedom. We also take into account the density dependence of the kaon effective mass in nuclear matter and the rescattering of kaons by nucleons. ...
    • Subthreshold Antiproton Production in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions 

      LI, GQ; Ko, Che Ming; Fang, X. S.; Zheng, Y. M. (American Physical Society, 1994)
      Antiproton production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at energies below the threshold for its production from the nucleon-nucleon interaction in free space is studied in the relativistic Vlasov-Uehling-Uhlenbeck model. The ...