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    • Evaluation of High-intensity and Low-intensity Preconditioning Systems 

      Orsak, Andrew Nathan (2012-02-14)
      Steer calves n = 345 (year 1 n = 183; 253 ± 35 kg, year 2 n = 162; 241 ± 36 kg initial BW) were used to evaluate 56-d preconditioning systems in each of two years. Angus- and Charolais-sired calves out of crossbred dams ...
    • Parallel algorithms for inductance extraction 

      Mahawar, Hemant (Texas A&M University, 2007-09-17)
      In VLSI circuits, signal delays play an important role in design, timing verification and signal integrity checks. These delays are attributed to the presence of parasitic resistance, capacitance and inductance. With ...
    • Support graph preconditioning for elliptic finite element problems 

      Wang, Meiqiu (2009-05-15)
      A relatively new preconditioning technique called support graph preconditioning has many merits over the traditional incomplete factorization based methods. A major limitation of this technique is that it is applicable to ...