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    • Environmental and Microbiological Characteristics of Managed Urban Turfgrass Systems 

      Caster, Stephen (2010-01-16)
      A two-year study was conducted in which soil solution, drainage water, and soil core samples were taken from three turfgrass test plots and two sports fields, located on the Texas A&M University campus. The goal was to ...

      Zeng, Hao (2011-04-29)
      Crash cushions are deployed at gores and in front of other fixed objects along the roadway when their proximity to the travelled way poses an unacceptable risk to the travelling public. A crash cushion is intended to act ...
    • Recovering Carl Sandburg: politics, prose, and poetry after 1920 

      Villarreal, Evert (Texas A&M University, 2006-10-30)
      Chapter I of this study is an attempt to articulate and understand the factors that have contributed to Carl Sandburg's declining trajectory, which has led to a reputation that has diminished significantly in the twentieth ...