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    • Legitimacy and Collective Action 

      Thomas, George M.; Walker, Henry A.; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
      This is a revision of WP 84-4. The authors develop an explicit theoretical foundation for the common belief that legitimation is somehow important in mobilizing collective action. They distinguish validity of a rule ...
    • Legitimacy and the Support of Revolutionary Coalitions 

      Walker, Henry A.; Rogers, Larry; Lyman, Katherine; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
      The authors develop a theory of conditions under which inequity will lead to attempts to change the structure. Factors affecting the likelihood of attempts include power differences, false consciousness, low self-esteem, ...
    • The Legitimacy of Redistributive Agendas 

      Zelditch, Morris Jr; Gilliland, Edward; Thomas, George M (2017-08-16)
      a. The authors investigate the idea of nondecisions regarding redistributive political agenda. They focus on an idea that the greater the likelihood that a policy would redistribute resources, the less likely that policy ...