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    • Evidence and Epistemology in Early Modern English Drama 

      Hagstrom-Schmidt, Nicole E. (2019-07-09)
      Evidence and Epistemology in Early Modern English Drama focuses on ways of knowing in a period before the disciplinary paradigms that we use today crystallized. Operating in a period of epistemological flux, writers in ...
    • Perceptual Disanalogy: On the Alstonian Analogy Argument from Religious Experience 

      Williams, William Coleman (2010-10-12)
      Analogy arguments from religious experience attempt to establish a direct analogy between sense perception and certain kinds of religious experience construed in terms of a perceptual model. C. B. Martin challenges ...
    • Scientific Epistemology 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2020-01-12)
    • Scientific Epistemology: How Do We Know What We Know? 

      Hartberg, Yasha (2019-05-31)
      Students in STEM disciplines often make it to their senior years in college with no clear concept of how scholarly knowledge is generated. They see science as a collection of facts to be memorized rather than as a process ...
    • The Varieties of Self-Knowledge 

      Kabeshkin, Anton Sergeevich (2012-07-16)
      In this thesis I consider the problem of the distinctiveness of knowledge of our own mental states and attitudes. I consider four influential approaches to this problem: the epistemic approach, the "no reasons view," the ...