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    • Human-Elephant Conflict and Coexistence in Botswana 

      Songhurst, Anna; McCulloch, Graham; Stronza, Amanda (2015-10-08)
      In an area of Botswana known as the eastern Okavango Panhandle, roughly 15,000 elephants compete with 15,000 people for access to water, food, and land. The elephants are not confined to any park, reserve, or nation. They ...
    • Putting the Applied in Applied Biodiversity Science 

      Buchholtz, Erin (2015-10-08)
      A great strength of the ABS program is the impetus and opportunities for students to not only do rigorous research, but to do research that is applied. As a first-year PhD student in the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences ...
    • Tourism development, rural livelihoods, and conservation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana 

      Mbaiwa, Joseph Elizeri (2009-05-15)
      This study analyzed changes in livelihoods before and after tourism development at Khwai, Mababe and Sankoyo villages in the Okavango Delta. Specifically, it analyzed how people interacted with species like giraffe (Giraffa ...