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    • O & M Building 

      Unknown (Digital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, College Station, TexasPhysical: Graphic Services, Texas A&M University, 2011-08-17)
    • "O Sister of my Song!": Caroline Sturgis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Poems (1847) 

      Jenkins, Andrew (Texas A&M University, 1999)
      This thesis examines the friendship between Ralph Waldo Emerson and Caroline Sturgis and the influence this relationship exec on Emerson' s first volume of poetry, Poems (1847). Sturgis can be recognized as the model and ...
    • O.K. Sreplein 

      Unknown (Digital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, College Station, TexasPhysical: Graphic Services, Texas A&M University, 2011-08-17)
    • Oak and Pine Physiological Responses to Resource Availability 

      Cooper, Caitlyn Elizabeth (2017-02-17)
      Large-scale drought and fire events result in extensive mortality and shifts in species’ ranges. More research on responses to resource limitations is needed to predict species’ success following record disturbance events ...
    • OAK Fund Annual Report: 2013-2015 

      Herbert, Bruce E.; Hubbard, David; Hartnett, Eric (2015-09-09)
      The Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Fund at Texas A&M underwrites publication charges for scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and monographs published in open access publications. The OAK Fund was established to ...
    • Oak Leaf Poisoning. 

      Patterson, C. M. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 19XX)
    • Oak Leaf Roller and Springtime Defoliation of Live Oak Trees 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2004-03-26)
      This publication explains how to minimize damage to live oak trees by the oak leaf roller and an associated caterpillar species, which occur throughout Texas but are most damaging in the Hill Country and South Texas.
    • Oak Poisoning in Livestock. 

      Dollahite, J. W.; Housholder, G. T.; Camp, B. J. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1966)
    • Oasis 

      Black, A.F.
    • Oat Diseases. 

      McCoy, Norman L. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1977)
    • Oat Production in Texas. 

      McFadden, E. S. (Edgar Sharp); Atkins, Irvin Milburn (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1947)
    • An Oath of Bondage 

      Pillsbury, S. (Pon Farr PressDIGITAL: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, 1988)
    • Oats for Grain, Winter Pasture and Other Uses. 

      Atkins, I. M.; Gardenhire, J. H.; Porter, K. B. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1959)
    • Oats in Texas. 

      Spears, Ben; Coffey, Lee (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1957)
    • Obedience Robins of Accomack: 17th-century strategies for success 

      Wilheit, Mary Catherine (Texas A&M University, 1997)
      Obedience Robins emigrated to Virginia in the 1620s in search of the land and status his elder brother gained by inheritance. This thesis establishes motivations for immigration and methods by which one English emigre ...
    • The obese office worker seating problem 

      Benden, Mark E. (2009-05-15)
      A field study was performed using 51 participants that were randomly selected from several Brazos Valley, Texas businesses to participate in an 8-hour assessment of office seating habits that influence seating design and ...
    • Obesity Management Using Diacylglycerol and Low Glycemic Index Starch in Dogs 

      Nagaoka, Daisuke (2010-01-16)
      Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in small animal medicine and is closely related to the mortality and morbidity of various diseases. Decreasing the incidence of obesity is considered to be the most important ...
    • Object individuation in infancy: the value of color and luminance 

      Woods, Rebecca Jindalee (2009-06-02)
      The ability to individuate objects is one of our most fundamental cognitive capacities. Recent research has revealed that, when objects vary in color or luminance alone, infants fail to individuate until 11.5 months. ...
    • Object oriented framework for character animation and design 

      Devoy, Erin (Texas A&M University, 2013-02-22)
      Three-dimensional computer character animation is becoming more and more prevalent in the entertainment industry. As the demand grows, so does the need for tools that allow animators to create animations quickly. In this ...
    • An object-based logic programming language 

      Arimilli, Venkataramana Rao (Texas A&M University, 1986)
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