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dc.contributor.advisorPhillips, Don T.
dc.creatorPiumsomboon, Pruchya
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references (leaves 161-167)en
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation presents a new discrete/continuous digital simulation language. GEMS-D/C, a Generalized Manufacturing Simulator, is designed to assist system analysts investigating complex manufacturing systems with a minimum of programming difficulty. GEMS-D/C is a network-based, data-oriented simulation program written in FORTRAN and is capable of representing and analyzing both discrete and discrete/continuous systems. Systems to be investigated are represented by GEMS-D/C networks composted of specialized boxes, nodes, and arcs. GEMS-D/C network structures can be developed to represent combinations of material flow patterns and manufacturing systems. GEMS-D/C network models can contain stochastic and logical decision points, resource constraints, cost considerations, and complex queueing characteristics. GEMS-D/C can also be utilized to study various types of complex real-world problems such as assembly line balancing, sequencing and scheduling rules, job-shop manufacturing systems, transportation networks, in-process inventories, and systems with limited resources. GEMS-D/C provides users with all the relevant features for systems simulation. This includes structural modeling methodologies, interactive or free-format data input, dynamic space allocation, extensive error checking, automatic time-advance mechanisms, an efficient filing system, automated statistical collection, and organized output reports. This dissertation describes concepts, network notations, the simulation algorithm and applications of GEMS-D/C to several prototype examples. A case study of simulation model for the grain transportation system at the Port of Houston demonstrates a real-world application of GEMS-D/C.en
dc.format.extentxii, 215 leaves : illustrationsen
dc.rightsThis thesis was part of a retrospective digitization project authorized by the Texas A&M University Libraries. Copyright remains vested with the author(s). It is the user's responsibility to secure permission from the copyright holder(s) for re-use of the work beyond the provision of Fair Use.en
dc.subjectIndustrial Engineeringen
dc.subject.classification1981 Dissertation P693
dc.subject.lcshDigital computer simulationen
dc.subject.lcshDigital control systemsen
dc.subject.lcshSimulation methodsen
dc.subject.lcshOperations researchen
dc.subject.lcshArtificial intelligenceen
dc.subject.lcshIndustrial Engineeringen
dc.titleGEMS-DC : a discretecontinuous digital simulation languageen
dc.typeThesisen A&M Universityen of Philosophyen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberFuller, Stephen W.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberHogg, Gary L.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberParnell, Calvin B.
dc.format.digitalOriginreformatted digitalen
dc.publisher.digitalTexas A&M University. Libraries

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