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dc.contributor.advisorHalliwell, Robert S.
dc.creatorMiller, Lester Lynn
dc.description.abstractTobacco etch virus (TEV) was found to be the casual organism of a distructive (sic.) disease of pepper in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The virus was identified by: limited host range, virus particle morphology, cytological inclusions, host response comparisons with a type culture and serology. The epidemiology of the disease was studied and noneconomic plants in the area acting as virus reservoirs were described. Control recommendations were made to reduce disease incidence. A limited survey of economic and noneconomic plants in and surrounding cucurbit fields in the lower Rio Grande Valley was made. Cucumber mosaic virus, thought to be uncommon in the area, was identified by host range studies from Cucumis sativus specimens. A mosaic disease of Ligustrum japonicum Thunb. Is described. Virus like particles 156 mu in length were purified from disease tissue. Transmission studies were carried out. Viburnum ringspot, a previously unreported disease of Viburnum japonicum, is described. Virus like particles 234 mu in length were purified from diseased tissue. Attempts were made to transmit the casual organism by mechanical inoculation and grafting techniques.en
dc.format.extent53 leaves : illustrationsen
dc.rightsThis thesis was part of a retrospective digitization project authorized by the Texas A&M University Libraries. Copyright remains vested with the author(s). It is the user's responsibility to secure permission from the copyright holder(s) for re-use of the work beyond the provision of Fair Use.en
dc.subjectPlant Pathologyen
dc.subject.classification1970 Dissertation M648
dc.titleInvestigation of the economic and noneconomic hosts of some endemic vegetable virus diseases in the lower Rio Grande Valleyen
dc.typeThesisen Pathologyen A&M Universityen of Philosophyen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberBaur, Joseph R.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberFrederiksen, Richard A.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKrise, George M.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberToler, Robert W.
dc.format.digitalOriginreformatted digitalen
dc.publisher.digitalTexas A&M University. Libraries

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