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    • Housing Needs Assessment Jacksonville, TX 

      Horace, Letitia; Hubbard, James; Johnson, Ellann; Scheler, Craig; Smith, Greg; Walden, Susan; Adamson, Cheryl; Curley, Ceola; Hammons, Wendy; Pavletich, Beckie; Peters, David; Scheler, Craig; Scheler, Tara; Huggins, Barbara; Roberts, Dr. Andrea; Masterson, Jaimie; Losey, Clare; Ankush Parab, Smruti; Brossett, Madison; Cai, Zhenhang; Guarnere, Harley; Kelly, Grace; Markham, Katelyn; Orozco, Raul; Chunga Pizarro, Carlo; Grant Spika, Nathan; Verner, Clinton (Texas A&M University, 2020-10-20)
      The Jacksonville Housing Needs Assessment, a collaborative, year-long project between Texas Target Communities at Texas A&M University and several dedicated residents, situates the community’s housing challenges in the ...