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    • Bastrop Asset Map Tool 

      Thapa, Jeewasmi; Tedford, Emily; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks (2016-05-12)
      A guidebook that describes the process for using ESRI online mapping platform to map social service assets in the community. The purpose of this map is to be use by social service providers and non-profit workers to point ...
    • Beaumont North End Community Revitalization Vision 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University, 2008)
      Beaumont Neighborhood Conditions Report- With the Beaumont Housing Authority, one course assessed current neighborhood completed a detailed survey and inventory of existing conditions. Northend Community Revitalization ...
    • Brownwood Comprehensive Plan 2012 

      Giggs, Martin; Brooks, Jonathan; Kumassah, Allen; Young, Travis; Andrews, Kevin; Kaspar, Joey; Yang, Jing; Hu, Zhengyang; Shi, Danyu; Cooper, Brad; Cross, Jeremy; Key, Lindsay; Creevy, Nick; Reynolds, Kymberly; Farquharson, Kamala; Saenz, Steven; Vandersall, Kevin; Withrow, Ryan (Texas A&M University, 2012)
      Three courses were devoted to the assessment of past and current community conditions and made recommendations of projected growth in the following areas: economic development, housing, land use mapping, zoning mapping, ...
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Jiang, Ying; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Safarova, Bara (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Cousins, Tiffany; English, Jeffrey; Meng, Yi (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Doremus, Lindsay; De Oliveira, Thiago Coelho; Simcic, Lauren (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan 2018-2038 

      Cooper, John; Masterson, Jaimie H.; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Goddard, Tara; Eisele, Bill; Mickleson, Kim; Hoque, Amanda; Huntsman, Brett; Lee, Jeongseup; Patel, Karan; Forghanparast, Kaveh; Thiagarajan, Manasvini; Hasting, Scott; Jain, Shuchita; Potluri, Tarun Kumar; Khandaker, Taslima; Zhu, Zhixin; Muhammaddi, Raquibbi (2019-02-20)
      The City of Buffalo Comprehensive Plan 2038 provides a guide for the future growth of the city. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities in partnership with the City of Buffalo. The document was developed ...
    • City of Castle Hills State of the City and Recommendations 

      Bright, Elise; Croxell, Christina (Texas A&M University, 2003)
      Two courses focused on assessing the demographics, economics, environment, aesthetics, land use, transportation, and city history. Newspaper articles, maps, Census Data, field trip, examination of the city budget, planning ...
    • City of Cuero Site Analysis and Redevelopment Recommendations 

      Bright, Elise; Galindo, Dan; Briggs, Jared; Hill, Kelli; Lehert, Angie; Miller, Kristi; Newcomer, Erin; Nguyen, Truong; Proctor, Nathanael; Shrestha, Anushma; Thomas, John Earl; Webster, Abigail; Zhou, Lijing (Texas A&M University, 2009)
      Cuero Development Corporation Master Plan- Developed a plan for the best use of a 4.519-acre property. Conducted a comprehensive assessment of options for the development of the property.
    • City of El Campo Downtown Revitalization Plan 

      Cooper, John T.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Reid, Russell; Teal, Mike; Perkins, Blaine; Davis, Michelle; Peraza, Raul; Bui, Thu; Specht, Kendall; Hernandez, Charly; Schafer, Clifford; Valkovich, Shannon; Ellegood, Emory; Lagunes, Mayda; Kao, Lilian; Torres, Sergio; Sanders, Bailey; Huffman, Logan; Gonzalez, Ismael; Marsh, Wyatt; Luo, Eldon; Luna, Veronica; Bush, Megan; Kwiatkowski, Antoni; Martinez, Damaris; Copeland, Cayce; Yoon, Euntaek; Diaz, Catalino; Cruz, Johan; Santana, Jorge; Larkam, Matthew; Olivares, Mauricio; Birdsong, Louis; Nash, Mandy; Somerville, Natalie; Jasti, Sanjana; Easton, Emily; Muhammaddi, Raquibbi; Garcia, Brandi; Powell, Wayne; Burke, Karina; Kelly, Philip (2018-03-02)
      This planning document presents the revitalization plan for downtown El Campo, Texas. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities (TTC) in partnership with the City of El Campo. The City of El Campo collaborated ...
    • City of Hitchcock Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040 

      Cooper, John; Masterson, Jaimie; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Peacock, Walter; Washington, Steven; Chang, Huang; Eisele, Bill; Fortenberry, Brent; Goddard, Tara; Koustov, Dmitri; Lasley, Phil; Reid, Russel; Retchless, David; Ross, Ashley; Chen, Yuefeng; Galarza, Madison; Hu, Xiaoyu; Katare, Anjali; Owens, Felicity; Paras, Rudolfo; Wang, Xuejiao; Wertin, Jani; Wilkins, Chandler; Cazares, Jose; Paras, Rudolfo; Peng, Yongxin; Wang, Xuejiao; Albosta, Sarah; Anton, Cavan; Bradicich, Kurtis; Brice, Hope; Chambliss, Coby; Deleon, Arexy; Garza, Alicia; Girault, Kendall; Golladay, Ryley; Herndon, Michael; Houser, Houser; Huynh, Nhan; Kippes, Leslie; Garcia, Agustin; McCoy, Austin; Morris, Stephanie; Nystrom, Riley; Pittman, Alex; Ramirez, Denisse; Reid, Kyla; Urdiales, Katarina; Wendt, Corben; Whitbeck, Callie; Ahrens, Carl; Alegria, Cynthia; Alvarado, Olivia; Balachandran, Anoop; Barbosa, Miguel; Bauer, Patrick; Beadle, Katherine; Beynon, Preston; Bogran, Jose; Brief, Katherine; Ki Chan, Wing; Chunga Pizarro, Carlo; Clark, Ryan; Colston, Jeffrey; Frede, Parker; Glazener, Andrew; Hernandez, Alexis; Holt, Hannah; Jones, Dylan; Kainer, Christina; Lipetska, Paige; Liu, Yichen; McBryde, Justin; Morris, Ilvea; Andres Munoz, Jose; Mushinski, Amanda; Nguyen, Hoang; Ochoa, Rene; Oliphant, Ethan; Poche, Christian; Sarafova, Bara; She, Xinglong; Skrut, Maria; Smith, Logan; Sosebee, Jonathan; Trasher, Madison; Vilas, Martha; Vo, Kara; Williams, Taylor; Wologo, Douglas; Yeager, Caleb; Hotard, Abbey; Bradley, Samantha; Cirit, Dilara; Jones, Jaric; Osborn, L. Catherine; Poole, Kelsey; Stratton, James; Biazar, Mohammad J.; Chen, Yuefeng; Katare, Anjali; Limkhedawala, Samina; Isabel Martinez, Maria; Owens, Felicity; Paras, Rodolfo; Villalobos-Torres, Julio; Wilkins, Chandler; Williams, Forrest; Aguilar, Aguilar; Escalera-Ibarra, Veronica; Hinojosa, Marco; Ibtesam, Sheereen; Malone, Justin; Pepe, Michael; Silva, Dominic; Alvarez, Stephania; Moreno, Jason; Rayford, Andret; Bhuriwala, Miqdaad; Maharjan, Sanju; Muhammaddi, Raquibbi; Patton, Madeline; Parab, Smruti; Chunga Pizarro, Carlo; Sameti, Soheil; Tedford, Emily (Texas A&M University, 2020)
      The guiding principles for this planning process were Hitchcock’s vision statement and its corresponding goals, which were crafted by the task force. The goals focus on factors of growth and development including public ...
    • City of Ivanhoe Comprehensive Plan 2018-2038 

      Cooper, John T.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Eisele, Bill; Jain, Shuchita; Sathaye, Vrushali; Andreotti, Andie; Zhao, Qiao; Fan, Zhen; Shimek, Wesley; Nair, Gopika; Jasti, Sanjana; Tang, Yige; Lee, Kyuhyun; Sabu, Shibiya; Hitch, Chris; Cruz, Madeleine; Cobena, Bridgette; Trigg, Haiden Smith; Clardy, Calyn; Carver, Meaghan; Schulze, Rene; Ni Chong, Ching; Moffett, Collin; Henry, Grace; Huerta, Alejandro; A. Gonzalez, Jonathan; Kerns, Patrick; Montalvo, Breanna-Lynn; Solomon, Spencer; Kulka, William; Hoque, Amanda; Offer, Emily; Muhammaddi, Raquibbi; Garcia, Brandi; Powel, Wayne (Texas A&M University, 2018)
      The Ivanhoe Comprehensive Plan 2017-2037 provides guidance for the future development of the city. In the summer of 2016, Tyler County and the City of Ivanhoe collaborated with Texas Target Communities to assess current ...
    • The City of Jonestown: Wastewater Master Plan 

      Dunavant, Aaron; LaDue, Cassian; Rejcek, Kayla; Saaverda, Andrea; Luhutsky, Natalie; Marchetti, Thomas; Molina, Amy; Niao, Yan (Texas A&M University, 2015-04-27)
      The City of Jonestown is committed to responsible planned development, economic vitality, public service improvements, continued park expansions, and overall improved quality of life for its residents. Developing and ...
    • City of Rockport State of Community Report 2018 

      Biazar, Mohammadjavad; Gerke, Michael; Huang, Chenyu; Martinez, Maria; Sameti, Soheil; Strunk, Paige; Wang, Nan; Williams, Forrest (Texas A&M University, 2018)
      Rockport, Texas, is a small coastal community located along the mid-gulf coastal bend of Texas. The community consists of very dedicated and involved residents who want to better their community. According to Rockport ...
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Evacuation Zone Development Report 

      Peacock, W.G.; Abuabara, A.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Bierling, D.H.; Mullins, J.A., III; Moore, R.A.; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Hurricane Harvey Evacuation Behavior Survey Outcomes and Findings 

      Bierling, D.H.; Lindell, M.K.; Peacock, W.G.; Abuabara, A.; Moore, R.A.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Transportation Analysis Report 

      Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W.; Bierling, D.H.; Peacock, W.G.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Abuabara, A. (2020-06-18)
    • Coastal Bend Hurricane Evacuation Study: Vulnerability Analysis Report 

      Peacock, W.G.; Wunneburger, D.F.; Abuabara, A.; Bierling, D.H.; Mullins, J.A., III; Borchardt, D.W. (2020-06-18)
    • Colonel James Morgan New Washington Prairie 

      Pan, Wei; Bardenhagen, Eric (2016-09-01)
      The Colonel James Morgan New Washington Prairie Master Plan provides a vision for the development of a new community recreation area to serve the residents of Morgan’s Point and visitors to the area. The focus of the ...
    • Comprehensive Plan & State of the City Lorena,TX 

      Pugh, David; Ekroth, David; Allen, Brannyn G.; Cummings, Laurie E.; Askew, Christy M.; Allen, Brannyn; Askew, Christy; Davis, Sombra; Dean, Lawrence; He, Xin; Jung, Juchul; Kang, Sang Jun; Kwon, Tae Jung; Mabry, Brian; Uhm, Jung; Bubel, Paul; Carroll, Amber; Chan, Hobart; Citzler, Edward; Davis, Matthew; Ellan, Christopher; Erroz, Miguel; Floren, Jathan; Garcia, Eduardo; Garza, Mario; McAffee, Megan; Menefee, James; Molkentine, Aaron; Nesline, Lucian; Polkinghorn, David; Renfrow, Brandon; Steinert, Bo; Treichler, James; Chambers, Byron; Chootimun, Dolratee; Vyas, Paul; Slicker, Joseph (Texas A&M University, 2001)
      One course developed designs for the construction of a new complex at the existing City Hall site at the intersection of Center and Borden Streets. Another course developed designs for a new complex at the site of the old ...