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    • A R&D Program for Advanced Industrial Heat Pumps 

      Hayes, A. J. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      The overall goal of the DOE Industrial Heat Pump Program is to foster research and development which will allow more efficient and economical recovery of waste energy in industry. Specifically, the program includes the ...
    • Rabbit Project Reference Manual 

      Wootton, Chad (2000-05-04)
      This publication explains how to raise rabbits for a 4-H rabbit project. It discusses project options; breeds; equipment; breeding and kindling; sanitation; diseases, parasites and illnesses; processing; marketing; and ...
    • Rabbit Raising for Meat. 

      Callender, R. E. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1946)
    • Rabbit Raising for Meat. 

      Callender, R. E. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1943)
    • Rabbit Raising. 

      Callender, R. E. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1950)
    • Rabbit Raising. 

      Callender, R. E. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1948)
    • Rabbit Raising. 

      Cooper, Edwin H. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1958)
    • Rabies. 

      Banks, W. C. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1950)
    • Rabies. 

      Banks, W. C. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1949)
    • Radar-Based Sensors - A New Technology For Real-Time, Direct Temperature Monitoring Of Crank And Crosshead Bearings Of Diesels And Hazardous Media Reciprocating Compressors. 

      Fossen, Steinar; Gemdjian, Edward (Texas A&M University. Turbomachinery Laboratories, 2006)
      Surveys aiming to isolate the main causes of severe damage of large machines such as reciprocating compressors and diesel engines clearly indicate the need for a reliable method to perform real-time monitoring of the ...
    • Radial And Thrust Bearing Practices With Case Histories. 

      Jackson, Charles (Texas A&M University. Turbomachinery Laboratories, 1985)
      Case histories for 13 selected bearing design conversions for specific end results are presented. They were selected out of a group of bearing designs over a 25 year span to give a varied array of non-repetitive case ...
    • The Radiance Process: Water and Chemical Free Cleaning 

      Robison, J. H. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1998-04)
      Radiance Services Company manages a new technology called the Radiance Process®, a dry non-toxic technology for surface cleaning. The Radiance Process received the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable's 1997 Most ...
    • Radiant Barrier Insulation Performance in Full Scale Attics with Soffit and Ridge Venting 

      Ober, D. G.; Volckhausen, T. W. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1988)
      There is a limited data base on the full scale performance of radiant barrier insulation in attics. The performance of RBS have been shown to be dependent on attic ventilation characteristics. Tests have been conducted on ...
    • Radiant Barrier Performance during the Heating Season 

      Medina, M. A.; O'Neal, D. L.; Turner, W. D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1992-05)
      Results of winter experiments conducted in Central Texas are presented. The experiments were side-by-side tests using two identical 144 ft2 houses which responded similarly to weather variations prior to any retrofits. Two ...
    • Radio Frequency & Microwave Energy for the Petro Chemical Industry 

      Raburn, R. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1999-05)
      Electro-Magnetic Energy has finally made its way into the Petro-Chemical market twenty-five years after market acceptance in the Food Processing Industry. Major factors influencing this change are tighter environmental ...
    • Radio Short Course on Growing a Spring Garden. 

      Anonymous, (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1945)
    • Radio Short Course on Growing Baby Chicks. 

      Anonymous, (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1945)
    • Radon Concern in the Hickory Aquifer 

      Crawford, Amanda (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2005)
    • Rain on the Roof-Evaporative Spray Roof Cooling 

      Bachman, L. R. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1985)
      This paper describes evaporative spray roof cooling systems, their components, performance and applications in various climates and building types. The evolution of this indirect evaporative cooling technique is discussed. ...
    • Rainfall at Chillicothe, Texas. 

      Hildreth, R. J.; Quinby, J. Roy (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1959)