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    • Using the Internet to Stay Informed about Energy 

      Phillips, J. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1996)
      A new tool, the INTERNET, has arrived on the scene to help everyone who has anything to do with energy: the energy user, the utilities, the equipment manufacturers, energy management firms, and energy brokers. The INTERNET ...
    • Using Utility Bills and Average Daily Energy Consumption to Target Commissioning Efforts and Track Building Performance 

      Sellers, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2001)
      This paper discusses using basic utility data that is readily available from utility bills to focus targeted retrocommissioning efforts. It also discusses how to use this information to spot emerging problems related to ...
    • Utilities Inspection Technologies 

      Messock, R. K. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1993-03)
      Preventive and predictive maintenance programs are enhanced by using various inspection technologies to detect problems and potential failures before catastrophic failure. This paper discusses successful inspection ...
    • Utilities Sell Lighting, Cooling and Heating to Large Customers 

      Horne, M. L.; Zien, H. B. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1996-04)
      The electric utility industry is entering an era of unprecedented competition. Competition from traditional sources such as natural gas companies, customer cogeneration, and independent power producers are being joined by ...
    • The Utilities' Role in Conservation and Cogeneration 

      Mitchell, R. C., III (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1982)
      The electric utility industry is uniquely qualified and positioned to serve as an effective 'deliverer' of energy conservation services and alternative energy supply options, such as cogeneration, rather than merely as a ...
    • Utilities: Emerging Opportunities in Performance Contracting 

      Wood, G. W. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1996-04)
      Many utilities are struggling to decide on the types services they want to offer their large commercial and industrial customers. A&C Enercom is often consulted to help utilities develop packages of services for these ...
    • Utility & Regulatory Factors Affecting Cogeneration & Independent Power Plant Design & Operation 

      Felak, R. P. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1986-06)
      In specifying a cogeneration or independent power plant, the owner should be especially aware of the influences which electric utilities and regulatory bodies will have on key parameters such as size, efficiency, design, ...
    • Utility -Owned Central Plant Load Management at the Domain 

      Lilley, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2013)
    • Utility and Industrial Partnerships 

      Sashihara, T. F. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1989-09)
      In the past decade, many external forces have shocked both utilities and their large industrial customers into seeking more effective ways of coping and surviving. One such way is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships ...
    • Utility and State Industrial Efficient Motors Systems Incentives Programs: Experience and Success Factors 

      Roop, J. M.; Stucky, D. J. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1993-03)
      This paper summarizes the results of a survey of utility and state demand-side management (DSM) programs that address efficient motor systems (EMS). The paper discusses the incentive structures in place at the state and ...
    • Utility Assessments for Real Time Pricing and Demand Response Environments 

      Robinson, J. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2015)
    • Utility Conservation Programs: A Regulatory and Design Framework 

      Norland, D. L.; Wolf, J. L. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1986-06)
      Investing in opportunities to conserve electricity is frequently very economic to the energy user. Often, it also is in society's, ratepayers', or a utility's economic interest to promote this conservation by the utility ...
    • Utility Conservation Programs: Opportunities and Strategies 

      Norland, D. L.; Wolf, J. L. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1986-06)
      This paper examines the use of conservation programs to achieve utility goals in an electric industry environment subject to change. First, the importance of articulating clear goals for the mission of a utility is ...
    • Utility Cost Analysis 

      Horn, S. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1984)
      One of the first steps in setting up an energy management program in a commercial building is determining operating costs per energy consuming system through a utility cost analysis. This paper illustrates utility cost analysis ...
    • Utility Demand Side Management- DSM Lessons: Experience is the Toughest Teacher 

      Gilbert, S. M. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1990-06)
      Most utilities first became actively involved with energy conservation in the early 1980s with the federally mandated Residential Conservation Service (RCS) program. Legislation mandating a similar effort directed toward ...
    • Utility Goals for the Efficiency Resource: Impact of PUC Rulemaking Project No. 39674 on Future Programs 

      Martin, A. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2012)
    • Utility Marketing Strategies & Pricing Trends 

      Gilbert, J. S. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1989-09)
      Marketing seems to have come out of the utility closet once again, but it is a far sight different from that of the 1970s. While some are still on a “sell, Sell, SELL!” campaign, most are soberly looking at their customers ...
    • Utility Marketing Strategies and Pricing Trends (An Overview) 

      Reynolds, S. (Energy Systems Laboratory, 1989-09)
      "Industries and utilities alike find themselves today in a very competitive environment. Industry finds that it must defend against threats to its markets from both domestic and foreign competitors. Likewise, utilities are ...
    • Utility Marketing- Numbers Games, Technology Wars or Relational Marketing? 

      Gilbert, J. S. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1988-09)
      Natural gas and electric utilities seem to be feverishly interested in expanding their business base, improving consumption load factors while attempting to preserve their customers' profitability. They have turned ...
    • Utility Public Benefit Funds Renewed Interest at the State and Federal Levels 

      Verdict, M. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2006)
      Texas A&M University main campus in College Station consists of 114 buildings served by two central plants. The two main campus loops are more than 50 years old with a total piping length for each loop in excess of 13 ...