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    • P2 Tips that Save Energy 

      Ferland, K. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1998-04)
    • PACE in Texas 101 

      Stone,R. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2014)
    • PACE-Texas Market Potential 

      Drieling, V. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2014)
    • PACE: Financing for Efficiency Projects 

      Blackburn, Jonathon (2017-01-24)
    • Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Compressed Air Management Program: A Performance Assessment Approach to Improving Industrial Compressed Air System Operation and Maintenance 

      Qualmann, R. L.; Zeller, W.; Baker, M. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2002-04)
      The Compressed Air Management Program (CAMP) provides Pacific Gas and Electric's (PG&E's) large industrial customers with measurement-based performance assessments of their compressed air systems. Under this program, the ...
    • Pad Temperature In High Speed, Lightly Loaded Tilting Pad Journal Bearings. 

      Edney, Stephen L. (Texas A&M University. Turbomachinery Laboratories, 1995)
      The principal results from an extensive experimental investigation of the steady state characteristics of tilting pad journal bearings are presented. The conditions examined were primarily concerned with operation at high ...
    • Padding with Compressed Air 

      Beals, C. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2004)
      We commonly find plants using padding to transport liquids or light solids short distances from tankers into storage tanks. Padding can wreck havoc in compressed air systems with limited storage, undersized cleanup equipment ...
    • Parallel Condensing System As A Heat Sink For Power Plants 

      Akhtar, S. Z. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2001-05)
      Conventional heat sink technologies of use the condenser/cooling tower arrangement or an air cooled condenser for condensing exhaust steam from steam turbines. Each of these two systems have certain advantages as well as ...
    • Parastillation Process in Operations 

      Canfield, F.; Jenkins, O. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1986-06)
      The Parastillation process is a new method for multi-stage, counter-current contact between vapor and liquid that results in 33% more ideal stages than distillation for a given tray spacing. Patents have been granted ...
    • Park Load Reduction by Preconditioning of Buildings at Night 

      Rabl, A.; Norford, L. K. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1988)
      Cooling loads during the peak period can be reduced if a building is subcooled a few degrees below its normal thermostat setpoint during the preceding night. During the day, the thermostat must control the warmup in such ...
    • Particular Problems Of Steam Turbine Lubrication 

      Enz, Walter E.; Hausemann, Alfred (Texas A&M University. Gas Turbine Laboratories, 1978)
      The reliability of a steam turboset is dependent, among other things, on correct functioning of its hydraulic lubrication and control system. An essential requirement is a reliable oil supply over the whole operating range. ...
    • Particulate Waste Product Combustion System 

      King, D. R.; Chastain, C. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1984)
      The disposal of low value by-products from the processing of agricultural food crops presents many energy consuming problems to the food producing industry. Consequently, industry has the continuous problem of utilization ...
    • Partnering as Success Factor: Optimal Design Quality Through The Early Integration of Construction and Operation Competences 

      Simsch, G. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2008)
      Nearly all designs can be optimized. Today, this realization is familiar to all those in the construction and real-estate industries who take into consideration all five of the lifecycle phases of a property (development, ...
    • Partners for Progress- A Utility Perspective 

      Pierce, C. S. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1990-06)
      Central Power and Light Company, an Investor Owned Utility serving the greater part of South Texas, got the largest setback of its 75 year life during the 1980's when cogeneration hit home. It's no secret that the Texas ...
    • Partnership with Industries- A Successful "Conservation and Load Management Program" 

      Johnston, W. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      Carolina power and light provides electric service to about 3 million people in the rapidly growing sun belt area of some 30,000 square miles in eastern North and South Carolina; almost half of North Carolina and one-fourth ...
    • Partnerships for Industrial Productivity Through Energy Efficiency 

      Johnston, W. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1994-04)
      I have taken the liberty to apply my own logic to the topic of "Partnerships" or "Joint Ventures", particularly as applied to the opportunities, difficulties, and conditions which presently exist within the industrial ...
    • Partnerships: The Value of Two Companies Working Together 

      Newell, R. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1996-04)
      This paper describes how Honeywell Industrial Automation and Control (IAC) has developed and continues to utilize alliances and joint ventures in the United states and internationally. Alliances and joint ventures are ...
    • Patterns of Refrigerant Use Resulting From Regulations Designed to Protect the Environment 

      Thomas, R. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1996)
      The HVAC&R industry is changing rapidly. This is response to the environmental challenges of ozone depletion and global warming. The contractor working in this industry faces tough competition and increasing technical ...
    • Payback Analysis of Energy Proposals 

      Blevins, L. D.; Estes, C. B. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1980)
      Payback analysis of investment proposals is one of the most widely used and often misapplied concepts in industry. Significant shortcomings are inherent to this method, its failure to consider the time value of money and ...
    • Peak Demand Reduction with Dual-Source Heat Pumps Using Municipal Water 

      Morehouse, J. H.; Khan, J. A.; Connor, L. N.; Pal, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1992-05)
      The objective of this project was to examine a dual-source (air and/or water-coupled) heat pump concept which would reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental electrical resistance heating (strip heaters). The project ...