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dc.creatorReckseit, Stuart
dc.description.abstractIn Costa Rica, sea turtles are facing numerous threats from humans, diseases, and nature, resulting in a decrease in the abundances of the species that occur there. Natural threats include raccoons, ants, tides, and storms. Man-induced threats include poaching, pollution, and beach destruction. Diseases that threaten sea turtles include viruses and bacteria. It is an issue that must be addressed by all types of conservation organizations, whether or not they work for the government because every bit of help counts. Saving even one nest, which can contain over 100 eggs, can result in over 100 sea turtles hatching and returning to the sea, some of which would be females that survive to grow into adults and return to the beach to lay their own eggs. But in order to help ensure their survival, actions for conservation must be taken. For example, I was involved in a sea turtle conservation internship in Costa Rica for the summer of 2016, and during that time, I feel that we were making a real contribution to helping the sea turtles by protecting their eggs, releasing over 100 baby sea turtles, and collecting data on the biology of sea turtles that laid the eggs, the number of eggs laid, and the number of babies that hatched and were released into the sea. However, more is required, like other conservation organizations getting involved, trash clean-ups on the beaches, and environmental education programs, and conservation training programs. Such efforts will help secure the survival of the sea turtle species in Costa Rica.en
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universalen
dc.subjectsea turtlesen
dc.subjectvolunteer programsen
dc.subjectcosta ricaen
dc.subjectdecreased abundanceen
dc.subjectsea turtle eggsen
dc.titleVolunteer Programs in the Conservation of Sea Turtles in Costa Ricaen
local.departmentWildlife and Fisheries Sciencesen

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