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    • Uncertainty, Potential Power, and Nondecisions 

      Zelditch, Morris Jr; Ford, Joan Butler (Transaction Publishers, 1985)
      The authors develop a definition of potential power—what an actor could to another actor if the first cared strongly enough about something—and explore its properties. Experimental research shows that potential power affects ...
    • Directions in Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph (Stanford University Press, 1988)
      This WP was prepared for a conference on the current state and future prospects for status and expectations research. It summarizes theoretical and empirical investigations, and describes the present structure of the ...
    • A Test of the Law of Anticipated Reactions 

      Ford, Joan Butler; Zelditch, Morris Jr (Social Psychological Quarterly, 1988)
      a. This WP continues investigations in WP 84-3 and 84-10. The authors report an experiment in which they varied the expected likelihood that an advantaged central actor would punish others for attempting to change an ...
    • Expected Managerial Careers within Growing and Declining R & D Establishments 

      Shenhav, Yehouda A. (Work and Organizations, 1988)
      The author notes that many studies have used individual-level variables to predict a tendency of scientists to aspire to managerial careers, and proposes that a better understanding of such career progression would include ...
    • Theoretical Structures and the Micro-Macro Problem 

      Berger, Joseph; Eyre, Dana P. (Sociological Theories in Progress: New Formulations, 1989)
      This WP was published by Berger, Eyre, and Zelditch (1989).
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Priori Model Parameters and Test 

      Fisek, M. Hamit; Norman, Robert Z.; Nelson-Kilger, Max (Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 1989)
      The authors theoretically derive f(i) parameter values for use in calculating relative expectations (ep – eo) in the graph model of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states. This WP was published by the ...
    • Expected Managerial Careers within Growing and Declining R & D Establishments 

      Shenhav, Yehouda A. (Scientometrics, 1989)
      The authors distinguish six types of productivity in different contexts and develop six corresponding scales and estimate reliability coefficients. Coefficients differ depending on context, supporting an argument that the ...
    • Status Processes in Permanent Work Groups 

      Cohen, Bernard P.; Hooper, Jon; Zhou, Xueguang (American Sociological Review, 1991)
      This WP was published by Cohen and Zhou (1991).
    • Participation in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Groups: A Theoretical Integration 

      Fisek, M. Hamit; Berger, Joseph; Norman, Robert Z. (The American Journal of Sociology, 1991)
      The authors define a behavior interchange pattern that can affect performance expectation states and behavior. This WP was published by the authors (1991).
    • Status Characteristics and Social Interaction: An Assessment of Theoretical Variants 

      Balkwell, James W. (JAI Press, 1991)
      The author compares and evaluates variant theories proposed in the literature for the processing of status information and effects of expectation states on behavior. The issue was to determine conditions under which, if ...
    • Organization and productivity in R & D Teams: A Report of Research Findings 

      Cohen, Bernard P.; Arechavala-Vargas, Ricardo; Nobel, Darla R.; Shenhav, Yehouda A. (American Sociological Review, 1991)
      The authors report findings from 224 teams in Silicon Valley on the effects of factors on team productivity and innovativeness. The factors are of four types: interaction, team composition, team organization, and perceptions ...
    • Processing Status Information 

      Balkwell, James W.; Berger, Joseph; Webster, Murray Jr.; Nelson-Kilger, Max; Cashen, Jacqueline (JAI Press, 1992)
      The authors compare variant formulations (different from those considered in 1990-1) for predicting the processing of status information. The main competitor considered argued that highly relevant information would eliminate ...
    • Expectations, Theory, and Group Processes 

      Berger, Joseph (Social Psychology Quarterly, 1992)
      The author describes his career and the growth of the Expectation States research program. This talk was delivered when Joseph Berger received the Cooley-Mead Award from the Social Psychology Section of the American ...
    • Strategies, Theories, and Models 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (Stanford University Press, 1993)
      The authors describe unit theories, theoretical research programs, and orienting strategies, and elaborate on types of growth in theoretical research programs. This WP was published by the authors (1993).
    • A Stochastic Theory for Self-Other Expectations 

      Berger, Joseph; Snell, J. Laurie (2015-07-06)
      This technical report introduces the concept of self-other expectations (Joseph Berger’s [1958] dissertation also includes that term, although defined slightly differently), and develops propositions about their behavioral ...
    • Interactionist Hypotheses of Self-Conception 

      Moore, James C. (2015-07-06)
      Moore replicated and extended a finding of Miyamoto and Dornbusch (1956) with a different population in a different setting. Self-concepts of married couples were closely linked with their spouses’ views, but even more ...
    • On the Balance of a Set of Ranks 

      Zelditch, Morris Jr; Anderson, Bo (2015-07-13)
      This theoretical paper addresses what was then called “status consistency” or “status crystallization.” Discrepant ranks on different characteristics such as income, occupational prestige, education, race, and religion ...
    • On Conservative Attitudes 

      Anderson, Bo; Zelditch, Morris Jr; Takagi, Paul; Whiteside, Don (2015-07-13)
      This paper argues that rank disequilibrium (or status inconsistency) is a factor in developing right-wing attitudes. The topic had contemporary relevance with the prominence of the John Birch Society, the Christian ...
    • Stability of Organizational Status Structures 

      Zelditch, Morris Jr; Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P (2015-07-14)
      The authors develop theoretical foundation for ideas in earlier technical reports and elsewhere on status consistency, focusing on effects for organizations. When inconsistent ranks of individuals and jobs become salient, ...
    • Rank Equilibration and Political Behavior 

      Anderson, Bo; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-07-14)
      The authors develop theoretical ideas in Technical Report #7 and outline links to political behavior. Technical Report #9 is more abstract than TR #8. This paper develops a theoretical argument about social comparison ...