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dc.creatorPugh, David
dc.creatorEkroth, David
dc.creatorAllen, Brannyn G.
dc.creatorCummings, Laurie E.
dc.creatorAskew, Christy M.
dc.creatorAllen, Brannyn
dc.creatorAskew, Christy
dc.creatorDavis, Sombra
dc.creatorDean, Lawrence
dc.creatorHe, Xin
dc.creatorJung, Juchul
dc.creatorKang, Sang Jun
dc.creatorKwon, Tae Jung
dc.creatorMabry, Brian
dc.creatorUhm, Jung
dc.creatorBubel, Paul
dc.creatorCarroll, Amber
dc.creatorChan, Hobart
dc.creatorCitzler, Edward
dc.creatorDavis, Matthew
dc.creatorEllan, Christopher
dc.creatorErroz, Miguel
dc.creatorFloren, Jathan
dc.creatorGarcia, Eduardo
dc.creatorGarza, Mario
dc.creatorMcAffee, Megan
dc.creatorMenefee, James
dc.creatorMolkentine, Aaron
dc.creatorNesline, Lucian
dc.creatorPolkinghorn, David
dc.creatorRenfrow, Brandon
dc.creatorSteinert, Bo
dc.creatorTreichler, James
dc.creatorChambers, Byron
dc.creatorChootimun, Dolratee
dc.creatorVyas, Paul
dc.creatorSlicker, Joseph
dc.description.abstractOne course developed designs for the construction of a new complex at the existing City Hall site at the intersection of Center and Borden Streets. Another course developed designs for a new complex at the site of the old middle school on Borden Street. Comprehensive Plan- Three courses were devoted to the development of the comprehensive plan. Special features include development of long-range development goals and a downtown revitalization plan. State of the City Report- One course determined the existing community conditions to adequately project needs and services for the comprehensive plan.en
dc.description.sponsorshipTexas Target Communitiesen
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universalen
dc.titleComprehensive Plan & State of the City Lorena,TXen
dc.typeTechnical Reporten

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