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    • An assessment of presentism 

      McDaniel, Brannon David (Texas A&M University, 2004-09-30)
      There is a debate in the philosophy of time over the status of non-present entities. Do these things exist, and if so, what sorts of things are they? Recently, the debate has split into two groups, presentists and ...
    • Re-Reference Interval Prediction Swap Policy in the Linux Kernel 

      Singer, Andrew R
      Modern computing systems are placing ever greater pressure on their memory management systems. The current means of managing the page cache in the Linux kernel is a binary ranking standard through which cached pages are ...
    • The Duality of Subjectivity and Objectivity: How That Effects Humanity 

      Billings, Madeline Grace
      For this project, I will build upon previous work on phenomenology and the interconnectedness of the world. By utilizing past works on phenomenology, the relation of space, and subjectivity vs. objectivity, I will analyze ...