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    • The 1920s Texas Ku Klux Klan Revisited: White Supremacy and Structural Power in a Rural County 

      Walters, Katherine Kuehler (2018-04-25)
      The second Ku Klux Klan made its first public appearance in Texas at a United Confederate Veterans parade in October 1920, then quickly expanded across the state. Founder William J. Simmons created this organization as an ...
    • Jim Crow's Legacy: Segregation Stress Syndrome 

      Thompson-Miller, Ruth (2012-07-16)
      This dissertation is based on a qualitative research project that documents the experiences of nearly 100 elderly African Americans who lived in the total institution of Jim Crow. The collective long lasting psychological ...
    • Legal segregation: racial violence and the long term implications 

      Thompson-Miller, Ruth K. (Texas A&M University, 2007-09-17)
      This thesis explores the research questions: How did African Americans cope with the oppressive system of legal segregation? How did they survive and raise their families? What were African Americans’ everyday ...