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    • Hertz Potentials and Differential Geometry 

      Bouas, Jeffrey David (2011-08-08)
      I review the construction of Hertz potentials in vector calculus starting from Maxwell's equations. From here, I lay the minimal foundations of differential geometry to construct Hertz potentials for a general (spatially ...
    • Scalar quantum field theory in a closed universe of constant curvature 

      Fulling, Stephen Albert (Princeton University, 1972-05)
      Quantization of a massive neutral scalar field without self-interaction defined on a space-time manifold with given metric is studied, with emphasis on the two-dimensional de Sitter space. Applications in both general ...
    • Vacuum energy for static, cylindrically symmetric systems 

      Trendafilova, Cynthia (2012-04-18)
      In my previous thesis for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program I have calculated, both in terms of the scalar field and in terms of the cylinder kernel, the components of the stress-energy tensor of a quantized ...