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    • Erasure Based Soft Decision Decoding for Optical Transport Networks 

      Soma, Dileep Kumar (2018-09-11)
      A concatenated soft decision forward error correcting (FEC) coding scheme with an inner low density generator matrix (LDGM) code and an outer product code (PC) is considered for applications in high-speed optical communications. ...
    • Half-Product Codes 

      Emmadi, Santosh Kumar (2014-12-11)
      A class of codes, half-product codes, derived from product codes, is characterized. These codes have the implementation advantages of product codes and possess a special structural property which leads them to have larger ...
    • On The Analysis of Spatially-Coupled GLDPC Codes and The Weighted Min-Sum Algorithm 

      Jian, Yung-Yih (2013-08-07)
      This dissertation studies methods to achieve reliable communication over unreliable channels. Iterative decoding algorithms for low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes and generalized LDPC (GLDPC) codes are analyzed. A new ...