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    • Cuidado con los venenos! 

      Deer, J. A. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1970)
    • Mycotoxins in Feed and Food Crops. 

      Armstrong, James M.; Herb, Dennis B.; Bremer, John E.; Horne, C. Wendell; Thomas, William B.; Thornberry, Fred D.; Tripp, Leland D.; White, Thomas H.; Withers, Richard E. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1981)
    • Polonium-210 as a poison on an aircraft 

      Elder, Holly Rebecca (2009-05-15)
      Security efforts at airports have increased globally to prevent terrorist attacks, but it might be possible to use an aircraft as a radiological dispersion device. By placing 210Po in the environmental control system of a ...
    • Prickly Pear Eradication and Control. 

      Dameron, W. H.; Smith, H. P. (Harris Pearson) (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1939)
    • Use Los Pesticidas con Sentido Comun. 

      Allen, Charles T.; Amador, Jose (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1982)