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    • Experimental and CFD Simulation of a Multiphase Canned Motor Pump 

      Zhang, Wenfei (2016-12-05)
      Canned motor pumps are well suited for pumping hazardous and radioactive fluids due to their compact design and low maintenance cost. However, their application on artificial lift has not been investigated yet. ESP (Electric ...
    • Leakage Flow Modeling for Multiphase Twin Screw Pumps 

      Shive, Jeffrey Shiao-Jeh (2017-05-05)
      Twin screw pumps (TSPs) are commonly used for multiphase boosting systems to enhance oil and gas production. TSPs are a positive displacement pump that can efficiently handle fluids with a wide range of gas volume fractions ...
    • Modeling of wet gas compression in twin-screw multiphase pump 

      Xu, Jian (2009-05-15)
      Twin-screw multiphase pumps experience a severe decrease in efficiency, even the breakdown of pumping function, when operating under wet gas conditions. Additionally, field operations have revealed significant vibration ...