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    • A Study of Quintessential Inflation 

      Freeman, Christian (2012-04-24)
      I present an analysis of a class of Dark Energy models called Quintessential Inflation Models. Such models are motivated by the common mathematical formalism describing the early expansion of the universe, i.e. inflation, ...
    • Essays in International Macroeconomics and Forecasting 

      Bejarano Rojas, Jesus Antonio (2012-10-19)
      This dissertation contains three essays in international macroeconomics and financial time series forecasting. In the first essay, I show, numerically, that a two-country New-Keynesian Sticky Prices model, driven by monetary ...
    • Essays on Estimation of Inflation Equation 

      Kim, Woong (2009-05-15)
      This dissertation improves upon the estimation of inflation equation, using the ad- ditional measures of distribution of price changes and the optimum choice of instru- mental variables. The measures of dispersion and ...
    • Power Suppression in D-Brane Inflation 

      Akers, Christopher Nelson (2013-10-01)
      Cosmological inflation is the period of rapid, accelerated expansion that occurred in the fraction of a second between the creation of spacetime and the Big Bang. Its proposal 35 years ago singlehandedly solved the three ...
    • Six Questions and Answers about Inflation. 

      Anonymous, (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1942)
    • What Do You Want?--Inflation or Deflation? 

      McHaney, John G. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1961)