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    • The Conflict-Oriented Group Identity of Partisanship 

      Ferguson, Grant (2014-05-07)
      This dissertation analyzes partisanship in America. I lay out a new theory of partisanship that shows that how strongly an American identifies with the Democrats or Republicans is due to how likely he or she is to take ...
    • Three Essays on the Economics of Education 

      Lim, Jaegeum (2016-12-08)
      This dissertation investigates, in a causal way, how interactions of student with teachers and peers affect his or her educational outcome. First, we use random assignment of students to Korean middle school classrooms ...
    • V. An examination of women's professional visibility in cognitive psychology 

      Vaid, Jyotsna; Geraci, Lisa (Sage, 2016)
      Mainstream psychological research has been characterized as androcentric in its construction of males as the norm. Does an androcentric bias also characterize the professional visibility of psychologists? We examined ...