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    • An Expectation States Approach to Examining Medical Team Information Exchange 

      Manago, Bianca (2013-07-30)
      This project is the first step in a long line of research that will examine the impact of status on information exchange in small groups of medical professionals. Specifically, we employ the expectation states theory and ...
    • A Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      This bibliography is a revised and expanded version of working paper 100.
    • Expectation States Theory: The Status of a Research Program 

      Berger, Joseph; Wagner, David G; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      This technical report updates the theoretical developments and empirical research in the program since the review by Berger, Rosenholtz, and Zelditch (1980).
    • Performance Expectations and Behavior in Small Groups 

      Berger, Joseph; Conner, Thomas L. (2015-07-21)
      This Technical Report presents the theoretical account for relations among power and prestige behaviors in small groups and performance expectation states. It explains, among other things, the high correlations among several ...
    • Some Logical Consequences of the Status Characteristics Theory 

      Humphreys, Paul; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
      Humphreys, a logician,and Berger, a sociological theorist, derive five theorems from the theory in Berger et al. (1977). Some of the theorems formally account for the link of status inequality to inequality in group structure ...
    • Status and Conflict: A Sociological Perspective on the Urban Race Problem 

      Cohen, Bernard P (2015-07-26)
      Cohen’s intention here is to show how certain general principles of sociological theory can explain certain historical aspects of interracial behavior. Writing for a general, as distinct from a sociological, audience, Cohen ...
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Zelditch, Morris Jr. (2015-07-19)
      This is the first statement of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states and a form of the manuscipt was published by the authors (1966). The theory generalizes the theory of performance expectations first ...
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Process Model 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Conner, Thomas L.; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-07-21)
      This technical report describes how status inequality can produce similar inequality of expectation states, and how the interaction process is affected by the status generalization process. It elaborates some ideas in the ...
    • Status Characteristics and Social Interaction 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-10)
      The authors review literature on effects of status differences on interaction and formulate general principles of status generalization to explain them. Next they conduct direct tests of the explanation in an experimental ...
    • Status Organizing Processes 

      Berger, Joseph; Rosenholtz, Susan J; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      The authors review theoretical and empirical work related to the theory of status characteristics and expectation states to this date,1980.
    • A Stochastic Theory for Self-Other Expectations 

      Berger, Joseph; Snell, J. Laurie (2015-07-06)
      This technical report introduces the concept of self-other expectations (Joseph Berger’s [1958] dissertation also includes that term, although defined slightly differently), and develops propositions about their behavioral ...