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    • Bilingual language lateralization: A meta-analytic tale of two hemispheres 

      Hull, Rachel; Vaid, Jyotsna (Elsevier, 2007-03)
      Two meta-analyses of 66 behavioral studies examined variables influencing functional cerebral lateralization of each language of brain-intact bilingual adults. Functional lateralization was found to be primarily influenced ...
    • Differential cerebral involvement in the cognitive functioning of bilinguals. 

      Vaid, Jyotsna; Lambert, Wallace E. (1979)
      The cognitive processing strategies of two groups of French-English bilinguals were studied by means of an auditory Stroop test designed to evaluate cerebral hemispheric involvement. An “early bilingual” group were bilingual ...
    • Laterality and language experience 

      Hull, Rachel; Vaid, Jyotsna (Psychology Press - Taylor and Francis, 2006)
      A meta-analysis was conducted on studies that examined hemispheric functional asymmetry for language in brain-intact monolingual and bilingual adults. Data from 23 laterality studies that directly compared bilingual and ...