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    • Aerodynamic Design for Swept-wing Laminar Flow 

      Belisle, Michael Joseph (2013-11-08)
      This work describes and compares processes for swept-wing laminar flow control (SWLFC) aerody-namic design. It focuses on results obtained during the preliminary outer-mold-line (OML) design of the Subsonic Aircraft ...
    • Computational Evaluation of a Transonic Laminar-Flow Wing Glove Design 

      Roberts, Matthew William (2012-07-16)
      The aerodynamic benefits of laminar flow have long made it a sought-after attribute in aircraft design. By laminarizing portions of an aircraft, such as the wing or empennage, significant reductions in drag could be ...
    • Environmental Influences on Crossflow Instability 

      Downs, Robert 1982- (2012-08-28)
      The laminar-to-turbulent transition process in swept-wing boundary layers is often dominated by an inflectional instability arising from crossflow. It is now known that freestream turbulence and surface roughness are two ...