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    • Probability distribution functions for unit hydrographs with optimization using genetic algorithm 

      Ghorban, Mohammad Ali; Singh, Vijay P.; Sivakumar, Bellie; Kashani, Mahsa H.; Atre, Atul Arvind; Asadi, Hakimeh (2015)
      A unit hydrograph (UH) of a watershed may be viewed as the unit pulse response function of a linear system. In recent years, the use of probability distribution functions (pdfs) for determining a UH has received much ...
    • Sediment Graphs Based on Entropy Theory 

      Byrd, Aaron; Cui, Huijuan; Singh, Vijay P. (2014-08-20)
      Using the entropy theory, this paper derives an instantaneous unit sediment graph (IUSG or USG) to determine sediment discharge and the relation between sediment yield and runoff volume. The derivation of IUSG requires an ...