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    • Calibration of Relative Humidity Transducers for use in the Texas LoanSTAR Program 

      Bryant, J. A.; O'Neal, D. L. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1992-05)
      In support of the Texas LoanSTAR Energy Conservation Program, the Texas A&M University Monitoring and Analysis Program (MAP) calibration facility has been performing relative humidity calibrations for transducers being ...
    • Energy Monitoring--The State of the Art 

      Rusnak, J. J.; McEver, R.; Dragoo, W. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      In the past decade, energy monitoring has become an invaluable part of energy conservation programs. A fully implemented and effective monitoring program provides management with the assurance that all other elements of ...
    • In Situ Energy Loss Instruments for Insulation Economy and Process Control 

      Hauser, R. L.; McKeever, R. B.; Stull, D. P. (Energy System Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      Energy loss from hot or cold piping and process equipment can be measured with good reliability using heat flux transducers and careful monitoring techniques. Two types of industrial instruments are discussed in the paper ...