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    • Discovering the Value of "Gaining Through Training" 

      Lee, R. C.; Hahn, G. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1995-04)
      This paper is dedicated to five situations where unrecognized needs were discovered while general and generic training was being conducted. The initial training classes were on the proper use and importance of steam energy ...
    • The Human Side of Efficiency: The Value of Training in Plant Systems Optimization 

      Madan, R. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2002-04)
      Is the best way to improve industrial plant energy efficiency through a technical overhaul or management structure? The answer is that neither is effective without the other. Unfortunately, many operators concentrate their ...
    • Some Experience with Training for Energy Conservation 

      Kenney, W. F.; Garcia, E. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      The best way to meet the challenge of our ever changing energy technology is pursuit of knowledge. Trained personnel is the most important raw material in our plants. With this in mind, the Central Engineering Division ...