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    • Energy Analysis of a Kraft Pulp Mill: Potential for Energy Efficiency and Advanced Biomass Cogeneration 

      Subbiah, A.; Nilsson, L. J.; Larson, E. D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1995-04)
      Energy use at a Kraft pulp mill in the United States is analyzed in detail. Annual average process steam and electricity demands in the existing mill are 19.3 MMBtu per ADST and 687 kWh per ADST, respectively. This is ...
    • Energy Management in a Large Refining-Petrochemical Complex 

      Jones, K. C. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1981)
      To supply the steam and electricity demands of the Shell Oil Company Deer Park Manufacturing Complex takes a large Utilities installation. In managing this system, the aim is to achieve an optimum balance between efficiency ...