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    • Cross section for charmonium absorption by nucleons 

      Liu, W.; Ko, Che Ming; Lin, ZW. (American Physical Society, 2002)
      The cross section for J/psi absorption by nucleons is studied using a gauged SU(4) hadronic Lagrangian but with empirical particle masses, which has been used previously to study the cross sections for J/psi absorption by ...
    • Effect of resonance decays on hadron elliptic flows 

      Greco, V.; Ko, Che Ming. (American Physical Society, 2004)
      Within the quark coalescence model, we study effects of resonance decays, and of the quark momentum distribution in hadrons, on the elliptic flows of stable hadrons. We find that, with the exception of rho-meson decays, ...
    • Hadronic scattering of charmed mesons 

      Lin, ZW; Ko, Che Ming; Zhang, B. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      The scattering cross sections of charm mesons with hadrons such as the pion, rho meson, and nucleon are studied in an effective Lagrangian. In heavy ion collisions, rescattering of produced charm mesons by hadrons affects ...
    • J/Psi suppression in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions 

      Zhang, B.; Ko, Che Ming; Li, Ba; Lin, ZW; Sa, BW. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      Using a multiphase transport model, we study the relative importance of J/psi suppression mechanisms due to plasma screening, gluon scattering, and hadron absorption in heavy ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion ...
    • Model for J/psi absorption in hadronic matter 

      Lin, ZW; Ko, Che Ming. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      The cross sections for J/psi absorption by pi and rho mesons are studied in a meson-exchange model that includes not only pseudoscalar-pseudoscalar-vector-meson couplings but also three-vector-meson and four-point couplings. ...
    • Probing the rho spectral function in hot and dense nuclear matter by dileptons 

      Cassing, W.; Bratkovskaya, EL; Rapp, Ralf; Wambach, J. (American Physical Society, 1998)