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    • Electron capture from H-2 to highly charged Th and Xe ions trapped at center-of-mass energies near 6 eV 

      Weinberg, G.; Beck, B. R.; Steiger, J.; Church, David A.; McDonald, J.; Schneider, D. (American Physical Society, 1998)
      Ions with charge states as high as 80+, produced in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory electron beam ion trap were extracted and transferred to a Penning ion trap (RETRAP). RETRAP was operated at cryogenic temperature ...
    • Optically controlled delays for broadband pulses 

      Sun, Q. Q.; Rostovtsev, Y. V.; Dowling, J. P.; Scully, Marlan O.; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2005)
      We propose a scheme that provides large controllable delays for broadband optical pulses. The system is based on the steep dispersion of a coherently driven medium, in which the narrow electromagnetically induced transparency ...
    • Tunable phase control for subluminal to superluminal light propagation 

      Sahrai, M.; Tajalli, H.; Kapale, KT; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2004)
      We demonstrate tunable control of the group velocity of a weak probe pulse from subluminal to superluminal. The model is an extended Lambda-type system with two extra control fields and an extra energy level. Phase variation ...