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    • Experience with 113 Retrofit Insulation Surveys 

      Webber, W. O. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1985-05)
      We have surveyed 113 plants for thirteen clients. The results of 21 recent surveys at today's average fuel price, show an average project scope generation of $151,000 while saving about 5MMBTU/hour with a 72% DCF rate ...
    • Integration of Continuous Commissioning as a Measure in LoanSTAR and Energy Services Contracts 

      Wei, G.; Zhou, J.; Turner, D.; Lilley, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2009-11)
      Continuous Commissioning® (CC®) is a process that resolves operating problems, optimizes the HVAC system operation and controls to reduce building energy consumption and improve comfort based on current building conditions ...