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    • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Graywater Safety 

      Melton, Rebecca; Lesikar, Bruce J. (2008-10-23)
      Homeowners who use graywater to water their lawns need to understand the risks and safety issues associated with this practice. This publication discusses the constituents of graywater; their potential effects on human, ...
    • Pavement Recycling Machine 

      Raiford Stripling Associates, Inc.; Stripling, Raiford L. (Physical: Raiford Stripling, ArchitectDigital: Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, Email:, Phone: 979-845-1951,Website:, 2011-08-29)
    • The Copolymerization of CO_(2) and Cyclic Ethers and Their Degradation Pathways 

      Wei, Sheng-Hsuan (2013-07-24)
      Polycarbonates are found in a variety of common products in daily life due to their favorable mechanical and electrical properties. In addition, they are widely used in biomedical areas due to their stability and biological ...
    • The Use of Lipophilic Molecules as Solubility Promoters for Catalysis, Synthesis, and Nanoparticle Modification 

      Chao, Chih-Gang (2017-08-21)
      This dissertation describes the use of lipophilic molecules as solubility promoters for the development of homogeneous recyclable catalysts, the facilitation of efficient purification in organic synthesis, and the preparation ...