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    • Reinforcement Learning Based Controller For Precision Irrigation 

      Irukula, Shivaram (2015-08-21)
      Water is a major contributing factor for plant growth and development. Agricultural water management is a major concern for agriculturists, as fresh water resources are being depleted and research in the area of water ...
    • Reinforcement Learning Control with Approximation of Time-Dependent Agent Dynamics 

      Kirkpatrick, Kenton (2013-04-30)
      Reinforcement Learning has received a lot of attention over the years for systems ranging from static game playing to dynamic system control. Using Reinforcement Learning for control of dynamical systems provides the benefit ...
    • Reinforcement Learning For Collision Avoidance 

      Crouther, Paul (2015-09-23)
      Autonomous travel poses challenges in machine learning navigation. Different approaches have been considered, such as reinforcement learning, dynamic programming methodologies, and other artificial intelligence assisted ...