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    • Economical Aspects of Adjustable Speed Drives in Pumping Systems 

      Hovstadius, G. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1999-05)
      Speed variations of pumps have become increasingly popular as the technology to produce variable frequency drives has progressed. Variable speed drives have many advantages compared to throttle valves when it comes to ...
    • Energy Saving Pumping Systems in Chemical Plant Design 

      Reynolds, J. A. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1980)
      The current cost of electrical power is translated into an annualized value to be used for economic considerations in the selection of pumping equipment. Motor sizing guidelines are suggested to permit electric motors to ...
    • Screening Pumping Systems for Energy Savings Opportunities 

      Casada, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1999-05)
      In most industrial settings, energy consumed by pumping systems is responsible for a major part of the overall electricity bill. In some cases, the energy is used quite efficiently; in others, it is not. Facility operators ...