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    • A Data-driven Approach to Power System Dynamic State Estimation 

      Kumari, Deepika (2017-07-27)
      State estimation is a key function in the supervisory control and planning of an electric power grid. Typically, the independent system operator (ISO) runs least-squares based static state estimation once every few minutes. ...
    • Power Distribution System Event Classification Using Fuzzy Logic 

      Muthu Manivannan, Karthick 1976- (2012-08-15)
      This dissertation describes an on-line, non-intrusive, classification system for identifying and reporting normal and abnormal power system events occurring on a distribution feeder based on their underlying cause, using ...
    • The Creation, Validation, and Application of Synthetic Power Grids 

      Birchfield, Adam Barlow (2018-10-18)
      Public test cases representing large electric power systems at a high level of fidelity and quality are few to non-existent, despite the potential value such cases would have to the power systems research community. ...