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    • An Isolated State of Mind: Seeking a Life in Exile 

      Graves, Emily Renee (2017-06-02)
      This dissertation analyses the evolutionary condition of exile among three Hispanic poets through an examination of the historical, sociological, and psychological state of exile that develops from past struggles and ...
    • The Big Bird's Dream 

      Kelley, DeForest
    • Daphne in the twentieth century: the grotesque in modern poetry 

      Martin, Thomas Henry (2009-05-15)
      This dissertation seeks to expose the importance of the grotesque in the poetry and writings of Trans-Atlantic poets of the early twentieth century, particularly Ezra Pound, H.D., William Carlos Williams, Mina Loy, Marianne ...
    • Eclectic Issue 1 

      Multiple Contributors
    • "Hot little prophets": reading, mysticism, and Walt Whitman's disciples 

      Marsden, Steven Jay (Texas A&M University, 2004-11-15)
      While scholarship on Walt Whitman has often dealt with "mysticism" as an important element of his writings and worldview, few critics have acknowledged the importance of Whitman's disciples in the development of the idea ...
    • La Usina del Lenguaje: Teoría de la Poesía Neobarroca 

      De Cuba, Pablo A. (2013-08-08)
      La usina del lenguaje: Teoría de la poesía neobarroca examines one of the most relevant poetry tendencies of the last thirty years: the Neo-baroque. In this dissertation I have endeavored to analyze the works of a number ...
    • Las historias son para ti: An Anthology of Roma, Texas 

      Guzman, Amy Lee
      The Rio Grande Valley has been in recent years the attention of media outlets, literature, and art. And while not all that is portrayed is accurate, the depictions of the Valley are created from stereotypes and its people ...
    • My Master's Patronage 

      Multiple Contributors
    • Pause: a collection of poetry 

      Phillips, Glenn Allen (Texas A&M University, 2006-08-16)
      The following thesis contains a collection of original poetry, either written or revised during my tenure as a graduate student. This thesis also contains a critical introduction of the collectionÂ’s forms, underlying ...
    • Poetry, prayer, and pedagogy: writings by and for the English Catholic community, 1547-1650 

      Garcia, Patricia Marie (2009-05-15)
      This study examines the role of religious poetry and pedagogy in maintaining the English Catholic community during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. English Catholics faced legal sanctions, social isolation, and ...
    • Robert Penn Warren's internal injuries: ''a picnic on the dark side of the moon'' 

      Samaha, Marylouise (2009-05-15)
      Robert Penn Warren has a facility for transforming region and history into fiction and poetry. His novel Flood: A Romance of Our Time (1964) and his poem sequence “Internal Injuries” (1968) stand out insofar as they share ...
    • To walk with giants: a collection of short fiction and poetry 

      Valdez, Reynaldo Alexander (2009-05-15)
      My thesis is a collection of my own original poetry and short fiction written as a kind of response to Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself." Instead of having Whitman continue to represent me through his poem, I wish to represent ...