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    • Practical Issues in Formation Control of Multi-Robot Systems 

      Zhang, Junjie (2010-07-14)
      Considered in this research is a framework for effective formation control of multirobot systems in dynamic environments. The basic formation control involves two important considerations: (1) Real-time trajectory generation ...
    • A Task Hand-Off Framework for Multi-Robot Systems 

      Mishra, Saurabh (2018-01-22)
      Multi-robot systems have many uses such as cleaning, exploration, search and rescue. These robots operate under constraints such as communication, battery etc. In this thesis, we provide a method by which the robots can ...
    • Vision Based Collaborative Localization and Path Planning for Micro Aerial Vehicles 

      Vemprala, Sai Hemachandra (2019-04-03)
      Autonomous micro aerial vehicles (MAV) have gained immense popularity in both the commercial and research worlds over the last few years. Due to their small size and agility, MAVs are considered to have great potential for ...