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    • Design and implementation of a prototype generator monitoring system 

      Sun, Jianyong (Texas A&M University, 1996)
      This thesis describes an implementation framework for an intelligent generator monitoring system. This solution is based on high performance front-end data acquisition system and real-time processing of electrical signals ...
    • Doped tantalum oxide high K dielectric thin films 

      Donnelly, Joseph Patrick (Texas A&M University, 2000)
      To support the next generation of sub 100nm ULSI devices, a new high dielectric constant (K) thin film material must be developed. To reach these new smaller dimensions, thermally grown silicon dioxide would need to ...
    • An on-line performance optimization of the Switched Reluctance Motor 

      Tandon, Piyush (Texas A&M University, 1996)
      The Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) has been developed extensively during the past 15 years. Due to the simple motor construction and power converter requirements, SRM drives have been found competitive with traditional ...