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    • Building a Raised Bed Garden 

      Files, Priscilla J.; Dainello, Frank J.; Arnold, Michael A.; Welsh, Douglas F. (2009-03-26)
      Raised beds are fairly easy to construct and look great in the landscape. This publication details each step involved in planning, constructing, planting and maintaining a raised bed. Illustrations depict irrigation systems ...
    • Butterfly Gardening in Texas 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Jackman, John A. (1999-07-14)
      This two-poster set features dramatic photographs of butterflies, caterpillars and plants that attract them. These decorative posters provide information on how to raise caterpillars and attract butterflies to a home garden. ...
    • Human-Stream Corridor Interactions and Flood Resilience 

      Blessing, Russell Bennett (2017-11-29)
      Flood damages in the United States continue to increase despite large investments to control stormwater. The rate at which flood damages are increasing significantly outpaces precipitation trends leaving societal trends ...
    • Investigating Rainwater Harvesting as a Stormwater Best Management Practice and as a Function of Irrigation Water Use 

      Shannak, Sa'D Abdel-Halim (2012-02-14)
      Stormwater runoff has negative impacts on water resources, human health and environment. In this research the effectiveness of Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) systems is examined as a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP). ...
    • Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape 

      Ford, Benjamin L. (2010-10-12)
      The goal of the Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape project was to investigate the nature and distribution of archaeological sites along the northeast shoreline of Lake Ontario while examining the environmental, ...
    • Pine Straw as a Ground Cover Mulch 

      Taylor, Eric; Tate, Jay (2004-01-09)
      Pine needles make excellent mulch for gardens and landscapes. Pine straw breaks down more slowly than other natural mulches and needs to be reapplied less often. This leaflet explains how to purchase and use pine straw ...
    • Rainwater Harvesting 

      Porter, Dana; Persyn, Russell A.; Silvy, Valeen (2008-05-30)
      Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.
    • Rainwater Harvesting: Landscape Methods 

      Lesikar, Bruce J.; Mechell, Justin; Alexander, Rachel (2008-05-30)
      With the state's growing population and limited supply of groundwater and surface water, Texans must use water wisely. Rainwater harvesting is an approach that anyone can use to capture rainfall. This publication explains ...
    • Xeriscape...Landscape Water Conservation 

      Welsh, Douglas F.; Welch, William C.; Duble, Richard L. (2007-04-27)
      You can make your landscape both beautiful and water-efficient by xeriscaping. Topics covered include planning, soil preparation, plant selection, maintenance, watering, irrigation systems, mulching and mowing. There are ...