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    • Giant resonances in Ti-46,Ti-48 

      Tokimoto, Y.; Lui, Y. -W; Clark, H. L.; John, B.; Chen, X.; Youngblood, David H. (American Physical Society, 2006)
      The giant resonance region from 9 MeV < E-x < 55 MeV in Ti-46 and Ti-48 has been studied with inelastic scattering of 240 MeV alpha particles at small angles including 0(degrees). Isoscalar monopole strength in Ti-46 (Ti-48) ...
    • Transition density and pressure in hot neutron stars 

      Xu, Jun; Chen, Lie-Wen; Ko, Che Ming; Li, Bao-An. (American Physical Society, 2010)
      Using the momentum-dependent effective interaction (MDI) for nucleons, we have studied the transition density and pressure at the boundary between the inner crust and the liquid core of hot neutron stars. We find that their ...