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    • Dielectronic Recombination Cross-Sections of Fluorinelike Xenon 

      Dewitt, D. R.; Schneider, D.; Chen, M. H.; Schneider, M. B.; Church, David A.; Weinberg, G.; Sakurai, M. (American Physical Society, 1993)
      Measurements of relative dielectronic recombination (DR) cross sections for fluorinelike xenon (Xe45+) are presented. Recombination takes place in an electron-beam ion trap, where decay rates are obtained as the ions ...
    • Dielectronic-Recombination Cross-Sections of Hydrogenlike Argon 

      Dewitt, D. R.; Schneider, D.; Clark, M. W.; Chen, M. H.; Church, David A. (American Physical Society, 1991)
      Relative dielectronic-recombination cross sections for hydrogenlike argon are presented. The contributions of the KLL, KLM, KLN, KLO, and KLP groups of resonances are compared to theoretical calculations. The experimental ...