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    • Black Box Approach for Energy Monitoring of Commercial Buildings 

      Komhard, S.; Neumann, C. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2008-10)
      The potential to save energy by changing operational parameters - especially in existing commercial buildings – is in the magnitude of 5-30%. In order to realize this saving potential in the long term, continuous commissioning ...
    • A Comparison of Fault Detection Methods For a Transcritical Refrigeration System 

      Janecke, Alex Karl (2012-10-19)
      When released into the atmosphere, traditional refrigerants contribute to climate change several orders of magnitude more than a corresponding amount of carbon dioxide. For that reason, an increasing amount of interest has ...
    • Vision of a Visualization Tool for Commissioning 

      Isakson, P.; Eriksson, J. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2004)
      A prototype visualisation tool to display long time series of measured data was developed and tested. We report some ideas on the requirements and present our experiences from using the prototype in the evaluation of ...